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Classes begin in January 2024

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Becoming a member of Fundación del Saber gives you exclusive access to educational programs with a full scholarship.

As an Undergrad member, you will have the option to choose between two university degree programs in Commercial Software Engineering: one with a concentration in Design and Architecture, and the other in Automation and Testing.

What does being a member mean?

We call Fundación del Saber members to all users who complete the admission process. To do this, you just have to apply and follow the steps. Being a member is being part of this great technological community!


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    In addition to accessing a full scholarship provided by Fundación del Saber, you can:


    Study wherever you are. University classes are 100% online, and the total amount of your academic education will be fully covered, thanks to Fundación del Saber.

    Be part of a global network of professionals.
    We have strategic partnerships with companies in the High-Tech industry, which contribute to your academic and practical training. In addition, we will provide you with opportunities to develop your career internationally.
    Develop your skills by learning with the best professionals in the sector.
    Our team collaborates closely with active technology industry experts and institutions to provide you with the best possible education.
    At the end of your career, you will have a secured job.
    The objective of this career is to train professionals who participate in the construction of software products, ensuring its quality and functionality.



    Be a high school senior or have a high school diploma.


    Reside in Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia or Argentina (exclusive).


    Approve the admission process.


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    To become a member, these are the steps you must follow:

    1. Complete the admission form. 
    2. Attend the informational session we will invite you to.
    3. Take the aptitude and logic test.
    4. Take the admission course and pass the two modules.
    5. You will be registered as a member of Fundacion del Saber

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