offers opportunities for Latin American talents to develop technological skills and have a global impact.


Admission for University Careers

To access our university careers, you should apply and be an Undergrad level student.

Why be a grantee of Fundación del Saber?

Fundación del Saber offers comprehensive scholarships for higher education and professional development. As a grantee recipient, you’ll gain access to exclusive educational opportunities.

Why invest in technology?

Latin America’s investment over the last 70 years has been focused on raw material exports, instead of the development of an intellectual property, which can only be achieved through education and research.

The university should be the center of the investigation, and the industry has to be a strategic partner that invests in the university students’ efforts to innovate and serve all world citizens.

Today, education and investigation are imperative to develop the intellectual and technological property, this will enhance the people’s quality of life in the modern world; however, there is a deficit of capable persons in technological areas around the world. The industry needs qualified personnel.

Fundación del Saber is an industry initiative to educate technological talents and guide them with an education that is compatible with the global market needs.